Looking for Brown Street Realty?

Persuasion or manipulation that is the question?

Just imagine what it would be like if you had the power to write a few words and motivate, influence or persuade people to do just about anything you wanted? The subject of persuasion is fascinating. In coming weeks I shall be blogging about seven powerful psychological triggers I have discovered over the years that have resulted in people taking action and opening their purses and wallets and giving me money.

Generally I present this powerful material in a keynote presentation entitled “Product minus Sales equals Junk”. At the end of each presentation inevitably somebody will ask me, “But, Peter aren’t some of your secrets manipulative?”. For my answer, I take a leaf out of a wise American politician’s book who was asked way back in the 1920’s at the introduction of the prohibition of alcohol was he in favour of the prohibition, and he answered.

“If, by alcohol, you mean the dangerous drink which destroys families, makes husbands monsters, beat their wives, and neglect their children, then I am fully for Prohibition. But if, by alcohol, you mean the noble drink which promotes good fellowship and makes every meal a pleasure, then I am against it.”

I’d like to draw a parallel here. If, by manipulation, you mean using devious, unfair means to get something out of someone, sway them to your thinking, cheat themselves or others, or do something solely for your own benefit, then I am against it. But if, by manipulation, you mean predicting people’s emotions and helping them to take action for something that will truly help them or have them feel good about themselves and gain life changing confidence or control over their lives – then I am for it.

I sincerely hope you will use these powerful 7 triggers in that spirit. I also hope that everyone that you come into contact with that you use them on will benefit from you having heard of them through me. If as a consequence they give you money, it was not for your manipulation, but merely a happy by product.

To get to hear about these 7 powerful psychological triggers keep visiting this blog, or better still RSS Feed at the top of this page and I will commence revealing them to you one by one in the coming blog posts.

Hang in there you might even find out that suspense is one such trigger??!!


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