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Rules for a Charged Lifestyle

Imagine a lifestyle approach to the highest states of physical and psychological well-being within your capability. I like to refer to this concept as Pyromania, or in other words “How to set a fire under yourself!”

Some of the factors or chargers that ignite the flames that get you going are fitness, nutrition, managing stress, and other initiatives that enhance health in a positive sense.

Once individuals begin to experience the benefits of these igniters it results in a desire to learn more about the art of living this lifestyle.

Getting started on a this lifestyle is pretty easy and highly interesting. Your chances of being able to stay with it however are somewhat poor. Whilst it can appear like a great idea and feels logical as a way to feel alive, it is not normal.

On the other hand, maybe you are exceptional. Maybe you don’t want to be “normal.” I hope you don’t want to be normal. If you don’t, you’ll love the idea of charging the fire inside you, maybe you could pull it off, let me explain.

Normal or ordinary health is actually a poor state of being. If you are normal, you are likely to have too much fat, be out of shape, your cholesterol and resting heart rate are far too high, you depend too much on doctors and medications and your expectations and goals are abysmally low. In short, you are like most people which is what being “normal” means. Therefore, you think you’re “healthy enough” if you are able to get out of bed and the pains are bearable.

A pyromaniacs lifestyle will give you another way to think of health and an alternative to the NORMAL state of health underachievement.

An important step on this path is to learn the rules of a Charged Lifestyle. The first of these is to stop being normal. Normal will lead you to an early grave and you wont have had too much fun on your way.Believe me there is a better way, why not give it a try.

Here are the 10 rules to a Charged Lifestyle. Anybody can abide by them. But, you must keep them in mind and not just for a while. These are for life! You can break them some of the time, but to win and become a Pyromaniac you will have to follow them most of the time.

10 Rules of a Charged Lifestyle

  1. Health is a great deal more than not being sick.
  2. Make a sincere commitment to learn about this Charged Lifestyle.
  3. Think of this lifestyle as a game but one in which every player including you, gets to win.
  4. Your lifestyle counts more than your doctor, your environment, your income, your age and your luck.
  5. You are the person most responsible for your health and nearly everything else that’s important (eg. How much fun you are having).
  6. A Charged Lifestyle involves taking care of your body and nourishing your mind and spirit, on a daily basis.
  7. It’s better to take up healthy practices than to give up unhealthy habits.
  8. You are the only person in the world who can figure out how to get a Charged Lifestyle to work for you.
  9. A Charged Lifestyle is never achieved by accident, you have to make a choice to live this way.
  10. It’s never too late to start on this lifestyle journey.



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