Looking for Brown Street Realty?


How to become the Gordon Gekko of entrepreneurship

Ranging from afternoon-sized courses teaching you all you need to know about select entrepreneurship topics through to lengthier complete modules. My training courses can set you up to be like Gordon (“Money never sleeps, pal”) Gekko.

Without the Bad Bits

Look at anyone doing anything noteworthy there is a very good chance they got to where they are not by twiddling their thumbs and waiting on lady luck but by showing up and putting their stake into the ground.

These resources will teach you how to strategically stake your claim.

How turn your marketing into a 24-7 lead generating machine so that you can relax and take some time off and go party with “Jordan Belfort”.

This course will help change your life, because it gives you the tools and levers you can use to grow the revenue flowing into your business.

Fast money marketing guide for entrepreneurs – the 7 key triggers that successful “Bruce Wayne” types use and prosper with.

This course walks you through step-by-step the seven key marketing triggers that you need to implement to grow your business and secure cash injections FAST.

How to become the Roger Sterling of cold list building is an electric, fast-paced crash course on everything email list building.

No. It won’t change your life. But, it will show you how to find and keep in touch with the folks that just might change your life.

Like my other three guides, Razor Sharp USP, Authority Positioning and Website 24-7, these are short and to the point, harder hitting than Mike Tyson.

Take a peek inside my course store for more information.

Here are some of the infotainment, spells and potions you’ll walk away with if you make an investment in some of my training…

You’ll be able to watch a lot of the step-by-step training in video format, plus because a lot of it is available on my special mobile training App* you can also listen to it as audio whilst exercising, driving or walking the dog.

Like your favourite pair of Levi’s, my courses get better with age.

What makes my resources truly exceptional isn’t me but you.

As I learn more (remember I work in this field day to day), and more and more students enrol in courses and apply the strategies and magic and have success, they submit to me the stuff that has worked for them.

I continually update my courses and resources to make sure they are up to the minute.

Which brings me to my final selling point…

All courses have lifetime access*.

Unlike that Netflix subscription, a one-time payment grants you lifetimes access to any and all material I choose to add to my courses (*Nb. This is not the case for my monthly subscription newsletter).