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Red Light Meditation for Entrepreneurs

Have you ever been stuck at traffic lights and felt yourself getting hot under the collar?

Robin Sharma warns in his “Everyday Hero” book, hysterical is historical. Getting hot under the collar at traffic lights is cause for concern. A given is that as time goes by and no matter where you live, traffic conditions are going to get worse, so you need to learn how to cope.

This technique is one of my favourite meditations…

The Red-Light Meditation.

Smile. You have been given a whole minute to stop and do nothing.

Relax. Sigh two or three times.

Settle back into the seat.

Scan your body for tension.

Soften your face. Yawn.

How are you holding the steering wheel?

Let your shoulders drop. Let your belly soften.

Let the breath go completely

Be present. Look around yourself… slowly.

Notice the scenery, the traffic, the sky.

This exercise finishes when the lights turn green.

Now drive off carefully and look forward to the next red light.

Thanks to meditation expert Eric Harrison for the technique.


Turn every Red Light into a chance to take stock.



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