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Peter Gianoli – Keynote Speaker Perth

Leading You To Success With Energy And Charisma

A highly sought after Public Speaker based in Perth Western Australia. Peter’s presentation style is designed to guarantee that his audiences will be left informed, motivated, inspired and beaming with positivity.

As a trained and working broadcaster, Peter knows exactly how to frame his message for maximum impact. He is adept at having people hang on every word and knows how to work an audience for lasting effect.

Peter is also a qualified and experienced educator and has developed a range of resources to pair with each of his presentations. As such audience participants are provided with access to dedicated workbooks, ebooks, podacsts and or e Courses to further reinforce the specific message and learning outcomes well after the scheduled presentation. (Please download the Presentation Topics PDF for specific information on the pairing of resources with each speaking topic by CLICKING HERE)

Outlined below are a number of Peter’s more popular presentation topics which may be booked individually or in conjunction with one another. Alternatively Peter can tailor a presentation to suit your specific needs.

The Million Dollar Influencer

This talk emphasizes the importance of embracing the sales and marketing function. During this presentation both sales and marketing are presented in a new light in a way the audience gets.

They walk away with a new mental image of sales.

In The Million Dollar Influencer audience members are given the exact blueprint to have them utilising all of the latest skills and mindset. No stone is left unturned and they’ll be taken through everything needed to become a major influencer step by step.

During this presentation we focus a lot on acquiring new business and the habits that need to be acquired to have a consistent flow of opportunities in front of you. These techniques are receptive to but not market dependent and therefore assist in future proofing your operation.

Accompanying this talk is an optional 8-page workbook that participants complete either during the session (if the session is delivered as a workshop) or later (if the session is delivered as a talk).

Pyromania – How to Set a Fire Under Yourself

Ever wondered why some people succeed at levels beyond their imagination, while others struggle? It comes down to how they manage their psychology, physiology, productivity and persuasion. Think about it. If you can’t master your mind, your body, your ability to get things done, and your ability to influence others to help you on your journey, then you’re stuck forever in mediocrity. Pyromania shows you how to behave differently which will set you and your results on fire. For some sure fire ways on how you can set a fire under yourself please allow yourself 3 minutes to visit the video 49 Ways to Set a Fire Under Yourself.

Awesome Customer Service – Turning Customers into Ambassadors

We all know first impressions count, and you only get one chance to make a first impression on your customers – so it had better be a good one! Happy customers are loyal customers and loyal customers spread positive word of mouth – which is priceless for your business. As a customer’s first point of contact is usually with your sales or customer relations personnel, the more positive, motivated, committed and knowledgeable your staff appear will equate to a positive experience with your business. A positive experience will naturally turn your customers into ambassadors and in turn help you grow your business. What’s more, these guys work for nothing! To receive a copy of my FREE 5 part e Course CLICK HERE

Product – Sales = Junk

Consumers are changing. They are better educated and demand more from a product or service than ever before. This presentation will arm you with the tools, the vocabulary and the techniques to flourish during these changing times. Organised into six thought and action provoking elements, this presentation is a practical guide to impractical times and is a must for anyone in the sales, marketing or service sector. Why not view the video “66 Reasons You Won’t Reach Your Sales Target” to get some tips, or better still fill in your details in the form on this page to receive a complimentary copy of Peter’s latest eBook “Product – Sales = Junk”

How to Start Your Sales Week On Fire!

Peter Gianoli is the producer and publisher of the Monday Sales Coach, which is a weekly audio podcast distributed via the iTunes and SoundCloud platforms.

The popularity of this podcast has taken off with English speaking sales people from all over the globe subscribing to the news feed. The podcast is packed with sales tools, tips and techniques along with a serious dose of motivation and mind control techniques.

Why not have Peter share all of this information with your sales outfit in the flesh.

Just like the podcast , this presentation is of high intensity with quality information all readily applicable for your sales team to use the very next moment they get in front of a client. To hear the latest episodes of Monday Sales Coach CLICK HERE.

Selling the Invisible Building

Selling property developments off the plan is becoming crucial to the future of development, but how does one successfully sell something that does not even exist? Peter Gianoli has mastered the art of seeing the BIG picture and has a proven track record selling invisible buildings. This fascinating presentation will give you an insight into how to grasp these concepts and how to better understand the processes involved with selling off the plan.

Good Idea – Now What?

Are you a big thinker? Have you been sitting on a concept for years and simply don’t know how to make it a reality? Well before someone steals it from under your nose it’s time to learn how to turn notions into dollars, thoughts into actions and feelings into reality – and it’s just a matter of knowing how. This presentation will help you develop your ideas and through a series of structured and realistic steps, finally bring it to life.

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