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Property Marketing

Banks will lend lots of money to property developers if they do this one thing first

Ranging from afternoon-sized courses teaching you all you need to know about select entrepreneurship topics through to lengthier complete modules. My training courses can set you up to be like Gordon (“Money never sleeps, pal”) Gekko.

Selling the Invisible Building or getting
Pre-sales is a big deal!

Getting the right sales and marketing strategy in place and executed is critical to success, yet strangely, it is one of the least understood and most neglected elements of the development process.

Presales are so important even financiers get concerned about marketing!

Most developers focus their efforts on their planning issues, profit margins, managing their construction costs and their finance options, but fail to identify the alternatives that best suit their product in terms of a sales and marketing strategy.

Despite it being fundamental to the success of the development and in many cases future cashflow for the entrepreneur to continue their lifestyle and to feed and educate their children.

Getting Presales is too big of an issue to leave simply to realtors or pure chance.

This can all be avoided,


you decide to appoint me,


This is what I will do for you…

If I believe in your development I see my job as three-fold:

  1. Identifying the target market and thoroughly deducing what they will buy and what they will spend.
  2. Clearly enunciating the psychology of selling to them.
  3. And deriving the most efficient way to place your offerings in front of these preconditioned buyers.

Why the Pre-sales process should be welcomed and not feared:

  • Pre-sales ‘prove-up’ a development, establishing that buyers actually want the product on offer.
  • Pre-sales support the developer’s applications for finance.
  • Pre-sales reduce the risk for both the lender and the developer.
  • Pre-sales form part of the lender’s security (even though borrowers may sometimes think otherwise).
  • Pre-sales are particularly important in a flat or declining market.

In tough market conditions many property developers are forced to shelve projects because they cannot raise funds through a traditional bank due to a lack of presales. Good practitioners succeed no matter the market conditions.

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