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Why You Need To Create Your Own Space in The Market

Let us be honest, by and large it is a crowded market.

The likelihood that your product or service is so unique that you do not have any competition is as rare as a Fremantle Dockers premiership :)!!

We need another Real Estate Agent (not), nor do we need another Coffee Shop, yet, new market entrants are constantly making an impact.

How can you make an impact with your product or service and this podcast will discuss how!




In this particular  podcast, I’m going to tell you about a question that I received from a subscriber. It’s a great question,  And I thought the answer would be very interesting, not only to him but to you. 

The question was: “ how can you make yourself and your business stand out from the rest, when there are so many out there doing exactly what you do.  And what’s more, they have more and better credentials and education than you do”.  

Now that’s the question and here’s the answer. 

With that particular question, here’s what that particular subscriber has actually done:  He’s actually built himself a box that  truly thinking about it like that, he can’t escape from ,  so his premise, in other words, the answer to this question,  is I can’t really beat that and I should quit. And once you’re at  that point, you probably need to go and get a job. 

But on the other hand, the reality in the marketplace nowadays, is there’s no need for just about anything.  

We’ve really got a lot of everything and everybody.

I mean, there’s really more than enough insurance agents, real estate agents, there’s more than enough marketing consultants, and heaven forbid, do we really need another coffee shop! At the end of the day, there are so many places to go and get a coffee.  BUT new businesses keep arriving, businesses keep prospering,  businesses  keep banking upon marketing that makes a real difference.  The way they do it is to create their own market space. 

And that folks, is super important. 

So it’s not about “is there somebody else doing it”. Yes, it’s likely that somebody else is doing everything and frankly,  your likelihood of finding something to do that no one else is doing is highly highly unusual or finding something to sell that nobody else is selling. Well, the chances of finding that isn’t really very good.  

So it’s really about finding a space in the marketplace that you can operate rather than finding something completely new. 


Now let’s get into the issue of credentials. 

They have very little to do with anything. And in fact,  education has  even less. 

In every different  thing that I do, I’m almost 100% sure that there’s someone better educated, someone who has better credentialed than me doing exactly what I do.  And I’ll guarantee that those who are better educated with  better credentials are doing it for a lot less money than I actually make.  Because nowadays, it’s not really about credentials,  nor is it about education but it’s really about believability or authority – which are closely related to each other and as such, is what really sets you apart. 

Very few markets are basing their decisions based on credentials, except perhaps when we are hiring somebody. and then we look for credentials and education but that is for another topic, another podcast. But truthfully, that’s not the smartest thing to do either. 

A resource I’d like to direct you to is a book written by Elsom Eldrige, Jr  –  The Obvious Expert .  I’ve analysed that book quite carefully and I’ve applied a lot of the stuff with marketing and I’ve put together a  step by step training program which are now available on How to Create An Authority or in another word, Believability and if you’d like to get access to that course, it’s only $10.99 and for under $11, you get a step by step videos, PDFs and a number of other things. 

Access it here


So back to the box my subscriber has placed himself inside of – I want everyone else to understand that you will probably find people with more credentials than you. 

You can’t really be intimidated by the options people face, everybody has more choices that they have ever faced before and that creates more opportunities to help them and straighten them out – and that’s where entrepreneurial marketers are never intimidated by any of these facts.   

 They are almost always in the crowded fields and they grow their businesses all the time. In fact we look for crowded fields because we know there are customers there. 

If there were no customers in that field, there wouldn’t be a lot of people trying to attract them. So, entrepreneurial marketers are looking for them all of the time.  And when they find them, they make and create their own market space. Identify their own market, and then they play their own game.  And don’t pay a lot  attention to what everyone else is doing around them. 

C’mon, you can do this. This is about believability. And if you want help, then go to this link.



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