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Are you ready to aim high?

There are a lot of “marketers” roaming around the wild west, today.

Many of these marketers offer the basics. Very few can make your business scale.

To be honest, nobody does property marketing like me, nobody targets the wealthy as effectively as I do.

While I find the word “portfolio” to be pretentious, I realise I have to flash my work around, so you know I am the latter.

So, without further ado, here’s some of my proudest work for some of the coolest entrepreneurs in the universe.

Sales & Marketing strategy so surprisingly cut through you might want to give me something to aim at…

Look at this innovative strategy to build referrals that I devised for a
SMSF client Supervision. Dry topic yet impactful results.

Plus too, a super effective launch strategy for a 50 year plus business entering the
b to c space for the first time under the banner WA’s Big Butcher.

Calm down.


We’re just getting started.

How about these…

8Parker, an exquisite off the plan apartment complex – totally sold out in one of the toughest property markets in Western Australian history. And, to impress you even more, each apartment sold for an average of $5,000,000. Still not impressed! This was all achieved with a marketing spend of less than $165K. Now that is targeting at its best.

Moda Interiors, an interior design consultancy to the top-end-of-town. We have worked tirelessly to position the practice to be magnetic to only the right clients. There are lots of people out there looking for design ideas and colours of the day, so getting sales funnels filled (or should I say clogged) is easy. The real art is positioning the brand to repel (nicely) the less affluent and only attract the clients who can afford it.

MV Phoenix, fancy a charter to the northern most reaches of Australia. Starting at $63k a week you will not be left wanting for too much.

Unapologetic, a luxury homewares brand taking the uber wealthy by storm.

I could go on. But my aim here is to show you the range of my work.

Hopefully you have noticed that I like to work with clients who are aiming at the wealthy and the top-end-of-town, after all that is where the real profit lies.

If you’d like to have me help you, but don’t have any money or aren’t ready to pull the trigger, you can still get a piece of me by clicking the button below.