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Luxe Marketing is a monthly newsletter about how to target the wealthy with your products and services for the ambitious entrepreneur. In it I highlight the highly original methods that small family businesses such as Ferrari, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Chanel, Bulgari, Gucci, Prada and the like have used to transform into great global brands, which are in fact applicable to many trades in almost all cultures, through to the future of Luxe in Web 3.0.

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Today more than ever, luxe marketing is a must. Managers and marketing people regularly invent new terms to target the wealthy: affluent, prestige, premium, ultra-premium, top-end-of-town, vip.

Instead of clarifying the concept of luxe, this semantic creativity only adds to the confusion: if everything is luxe, then the term no longer has any meaning. What, therefore, constitutes a product, a brand, or a company worthy of the wealthy?

The current confusion masks a profound reality: luxe marketing does exist, it is not just a trade, restricted to some cars or fashion accessories, but a different and global way of understanding a customer and of managing a business. The concept of luxe marketing is as old as humanity; a discriminating understanding of it, makes it possible to define the rigorous rules for its effective management.

Such is the goal of this newsletter.

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