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Seeking Pleasure and Avoiding Pain

All humans either move away from pain or towards pleasure – this podcast outlines how to get into the heads and conversations of your customer and prospects and find out which way they are heading.



We individuals are very simple folk. We do things really mainly for two distinct motivations. Either to move away from the pain, or to move towards pleasure.  Now, we have to keep that firmly in our minds when we put together our  sales and marketing initiatives.

So, what I ask my clients to do when I take on a contract is to spend a lot of time getting to understand what are the pain points that people are moving away from, that this particular product is offering,  and what are the pleasure points that this particular service, or product can deliver. The better I get to know each and everyone of those- that I can tell you categorically, the better the sales and marketing efforts will be.  

So I go through an exercise.

So when I start with the pain points.  

Moving away from pain.  

I dig deep to find out what’s going on inside my dream customer  or the clients’ heads when they’re trying to move away from pain. Now, I force myself to write down a dozen phrases that the dream customer is saying or thinking as they try to move away from their pain.  Now, if you’re struggling to fill this out, write down what you used to say to yourself when you were in similar circumstance and then attempt to elaborate what the dream customer would be thinking.  Now, if you’re looking for places for ideas, then I suggest you research for forums, message boards, get on to facebook groups, and you will see a lot of these pain points and a lot of discussions people are getting into, in those particular places. 

Now the same goes for moving towards pleasure.

Now what I do, what I like to do is I try to deduce what’s going on inside the dream customers’ heads when they’re trying to move towards the pleasure.  And  this  too –  I write down at least a dozen phrases that dream customers are saying or thinking as they try to move towards the pleasure. And here too, you can pick up those examples from forums, message boards, facebook groups and the like.

And you know another  place you can do it is by going to your competitor’s ads, your competitor’s websites – and looking at some of the language that they use because those guys have probably also done these exercises or aspects of this exercise themselves. And by compiling from these industry’s files, you’ll get a really good look into what’s going on in your dream customer’s mind. As they either move away from pain or move towards pleasure. 

Now, this may seem like a superfluous exercise but trust me, it isn’t. 

The more zeroed in, the more fixated you become on this, the more you listen. The more voyeuristic you can be then the better, I guarantee –  your marketing and your sales effort  will end up accordingly.

So go ahead, do this exercise.  You don’t have to do this in one sitting. You can keep a notebook and collectively add to them  every time you’d come across a conversation that you experience with your dream customer about their pain or their pleasure they’re heading toward. And the better you put them together,  the better they cut through in the foremost of time



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