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We Will Always Have Paris

This morning I was involved in one of those inane coffee shop discussions that you have.

“If you received a letter that offered you $1,000,000 if you turned up together in Paris at Noon on the 1st of July with the only other person that was randomly selected from somewhere else in the world. However you are not permitted to advertise for this person, what would you do?”

We almost automatically decided that we would head straight to the base of the Eiffel Tower and hope that the other person would do the same. In our groups eye the Eiffel Tower and Paris were one and the same.

Well, this got me thinking. This is exactly the positioning any person or business should try to achieve. To actually be synonymous with whatever it is you are trying to do or offer. To be known as the best solution to a particular type of problem so that without doubt yours is the number they will call or website they will visit.

Imagine you are in control of Paris…. What will be your Eiffel Tower.


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