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Brand Performance Analysis – Now in Free PDF Format

Its probably the right time to get a brand performance analysis. Developed over decades of marketing all sorts of products and projects this Brand Performance Analysis Tool in the form of an evaluation matrix is my go to tool when I am preparing to launch, relaunch or simply checking on how things are going. I have found that it helps me focus or refocus on the things that matter.

Please feel free to download it, print it, use it and share it. All that I ask is if you modify it, please let me know as I am always tweaking it to keep it relevant.

Believe me it works. I have found it works even better if you conduct the audit with a cross functional group. The essence of this Brand Performance Analysis Tool is that it incorporates the inputs from a variety of aspects. These include sales effort, marketing effort and management empowerment; so as a minimum these 3 groups should have some representation.

There is a Warning however:

This Brand Performance Analysis Tool doesn’t work if you simply download it and look at it or file it.

You need to think about it and use it for it to work.

To download your copy of the  Brand Performance Analysis Tool;  please do so by CLICKING HERE


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