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4 Power Questions to Better Understand Your Customer

If you want to better understand your customer then by getting to know a customers unique buying proposition (UBP), will often make the difference between satisfying your client and delighting your customer.

I guarantee if you make a habit of asking these 4 questions of every customer or prospect that you are dealing with and really listen to their answers, then the solutions you provide them with your product and service will make them life long customers. This is all because you better understand your customer.

The Power Questions:
1) What frustrates you most in business and or life? With this question substitute the area in which you are qualified to help in, For example an Property Investment Specialist would ask… “What frustrates you most about your financial security?”
2) What are you trying to accomplish in…………………. during the next 12 months? This question helps frame immediacy. For example the Property Investment Specialist could frame the question “What are trying to accomplish this year with your finances?”
3) What do you think you would need to double your business/happiness etc? in my example “What do you think you would need to double your net worth?
4) What strategies have you already tried to improve your………………. that worked and didn’t work?

Frame these questions properly. Listen intently to their answers and develop lifelong customers, simple as that!

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