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The Things We Think and Do Not Do! – Jerry McGuire

What I’m about to say is EXTREMELY… sensitive. 

In fact, of all the sensitive stuff I’ve ever told you, this pearler takes the cake. 


If you hear me out, and let the message “gel”, I truly believe

you could find a renewed sense of purpose. 

A mission beyond just making bucks, surviving or living it up. 

And maybe, just maybe… an urge to kick some SERIOUS backside

in your business and life. 

Anyway, here’s the story: 

Yesterday while playing around on YouTube I came across a clip

from “Jerry McGuire”. It was the Mission Statement scene where Jerry got hit with the vision of his new business.and had to get it down onto paper. 

Why, as his life was going nowhere and he knew there was more to what he was supposed to be doing, he HAD to keep going. 

And he HAD to keep fighting, for what he believed in – no matter how hopeless it was.

 Now I’ve seen this movie lots of times. 

And I could probably quote scenes chapter and verse. 

But this time it “stuck” with me. 

Especially in light of the world financial woes, political

scandals and shocking health alerts the media blurts out each day.

(If ever there was an institution that actively tries to crush your

spirit, the “news” is IT.) 

And you know what? 

If you watch Jerry’s mission statement scene (below), and put it in context of the

challenges YOU’RE facing right now, I believe it’ll have a positive

impact on your day, your year and possibly even your LIFE. 

OK, here is the link: 


 Beneath all the bluster and bravado, Jerry is a deep thinker. 

And his mission is solid gold: 

“We have forgotten what is important, I admit, what I was writing was somewhat touchy feely, I didn’t care! I had lost the ability to bullsh*t – it was the ME I ALWAYS wanted to be” 

If you have a worthy goal, you WILL be challenged. 

Question is… will challenges STOP you and send you scurrying

back to the bullcrap? Or will they PROPEL you forward, making you

even more hellbent on thriving and making a difference?

 Only you can answer that. 

And when that day comes it’ll be the defining moment of your life. 

That link again for a six minute revelation… 



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