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Stop and smell the coffee

Sunday mornings particularly ones as beautiful as today are too important to be rushed. They are best when they are savoured, enjoyed with close friends and free from any form of stress.

One sure fire technique that my meditation teacher taught me a couple of years ago is to ensure you are in the moment by performing a “Coffee Meditation”.

This meditation is designed to have you “do what you are doing”. It is not about focusing on one thing but rather a sequence of many small things. It develops a ritual when drinking a coffee that keeps you in the moment. What is more it is a meditation that if you practice it regularly enough it establishes a strong hook to Sunday mornings, so that no matter what day it is and you perform the “coffee meditation” it feels like Sunday morning all over again.

The Coffee Meditation by Eric Harrison

Breathe out and stop.

Mentally prepare yourself for the coming action.

Can you do it with perfect efficiency and grace?

Reach out your hand deliberately.

Pick up the cup (feel the warmth through your finger tips), and raise it to your lips.

Pause. Look. Smell.

Now tilt the cup and feel the liquid flow into your mouth.

Enjoy the pure luxury of it.

When you’re ready swallow.

Slowly return the cup to the saucer.

Feel the very moment the activity ends.

Notice how still your mind has become.


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