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60 Day Challenges

I am a huge fan of learning. Fortunately for me I wasn’t a bad student probably because of my love for learning.

A great deal of my  learning has come from happenstance. I see something that interests me. I get into it and I learn something. For some reason the right book, blog post, website, podcast or guest speaker just seems to come up upon my radar at just about the right time, it’s uncanny but most of my adult learning has gone this way.

For the last couple of years however I have structured my learning a little more deliberately. I have started setting myself 60 day Challenges to speed learn something. I try to set myself 3 of these a year. In my eyes learning is the seed of competence. I try to dedicate 60 minutes a day to the pursuit I am learning, it’s great for the mind and even better for the psyche.

To keep me on track I use my Moleskine to record my progress. Every day that I complete a learning period I permit myself to draw a circle in my journal with bullet points of what I have learnt, this pictorial representation keeps me going in not wanting to break the chain of circles so that I never miss a day.

My current 60 day challenge is to dig deeper into my meditation and learn to meditate deeper and better; my recent blog posts may have eluded to this and I seem to have given meditation a fairly good airing of late.

What is going to be your next 60 Day Learning Challenge?

Please let me know I am always looking for inspiration.

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