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Paper Magic

When was the last time you received a handwritten note in the mail? I mean in the lumpy mail that is inserted into your letter box rather than email that interrupts you when you should be doing something productive.

All I seem to receive in my mail box are pamphlets, bills, poorly addressed direct mail and invitations. Upon collecting the mail, I flick through them to see if any look interesting and if I see handwritten ink on the envelope I give them some extra attention. Unfortunately very few letters nowadays are sent to delight me.

So rather than complain and wallow in my pity about a month or so ago I commenced my own campaign of “paper magic”.

Here is the logic behind  my formula.

Short notes yield long results. they should be hand written, hand stamped and mailed. In many cases they are clippings I have chanced upon that I think could be of value to somebody I have met “Here is an item about ##### I thought you might be interested in.”

I cant honestly tell you whether this has helped my business, and I am not sure yet whether some of my sales staff who are also practicing this are getting results, but to be honest who cares. Just thinking positively about helping somebody gives you a buzz and imagining them collecting the mail and opening your note and inadvertently smiling just must lead to “magic”.


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