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Marketing Conference Speaker – Brand Benchmark

When I present as a marketing conference speaker I like to reward my audience with a solid tool or resource that will be of enormous value.

Developed over decades of marketing and selling all sorts of products and projects this perfect resource is my Marketing Conference Speaker go to resource.

The Benchmark Matrix

This is the tool I use when I am preparing to launch, relaunch or simply check how things are going. I have found that it helps me focus or refocus on the things that matter.

Free PDF Download

Please feel free to download this resource, print it, use it, re use it and above all else share it. All that I ask is if you modify it, please let me know as I am always tweaking it to keep it relevant.

Believe me it works. I have found it works even better if you conduct the audit with a cross functional group which is something I like to do in workshops or as a marketing conference speaker. Remember the broader you consult on your sales and marketing the better the critique. The beauty of doing it with this resource is it helps focus attention and removes criticism just for the sake of it.


This brand evaluation tool comes with a warning however:

This resource doesn’t work if you simply download it and look at it or file it.

You need to think about it and use it for it to work.

This resource is useful no matter the market conditions, as it allows you to perform a laser like focus on all of your sales and marketing functions to see what requires dialing up to meet your sales forecasts and expectations. This matrix inevitably highlights where your efforts have been flagging and to what extent.

To access your complimentary copy CLICK How is my Brand Performing Matrix

Looking For a Marketing Conference Speaker

Peter Gianoli is in demand as a sales and or marketing conference speaker or corporate advisor and balances a steady stream of bookings throughout Australia, Singapore and further afield. Bookings are usually required a month in advance.

Contact Darlene at Brown St Studio on (08) 9218 8426 or [email protected] for a fee estimate and availability.


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