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Sales Coaching – 12 Ways to Eliminate Negativity

Sales Coaching Challenge

Negative mind sets can effect the performance of your sales team like rust erodes metal. Once it takes hold it is very difficult to eliminate.One of the major skills top quality sales coaching requires is eliminating the presence of negativity both with individuals and the entire sales team.

Here are 12 foolproof methods to deploy:

    1) Avoid negative talk with colleagues in your office and especially with customers.
    2) Get back to basic prospecting from sending out just sold emails to inviting people into the sales office for a view of your latest offering.
    3) Increase your visibility among your prospects, re-introduce yourself with a phone call.
    4) Respond immediately to internet leads, database leads and client referrals.
    5) Focus on getting referrals. Ask your previous buyers or ex registration of interests. Even if they did not transact with you, you had provided them with so much value why wouldn’t they refer a friend to you!!
    6)Understand and explain your specific product, service or market cycles to clients and prospects.
    7) Qualify! Qualify! Qualify! Be proactive in educating your buyers upfront so they will know what to expect.
    8) Utilize your expertise or your companies expertise of the local market place by offering current market data to back up your claims during your presentations.
    9) Change your approach to fit today’s changing market place. Do something different to rebuild your productivity.Why not consider using my favorite productivity tool Evernote?
    10) Be consistent in your follow up of A, B & C prospects. Move people with information and assistance from C to B to A.
    11) Target market prospects who need to buy now.
    12) Look for evidence in the local market of recent sales or the media are talking about. These will provide positive pearls of wisdom for your presentations.

Sales Coaching never stops, it requires that you are enabling your sales force to perform at their optimum. To ensure this they require training, preparation, product knowledge, motivation, accountability, resources and appropriate remuneration. But all of this will not amount to anything if the dreaded Negative Mind Set creeps into your team.


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