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Ensure Cut-Through in Marketing

Probably the biggest evil about being an entrepreneur is that dastardly area called the comfort zone. You can’t afford to rest on your laurels.

A year or so ago, I was speaking on a stage at an entrepreneur business event. I opened with this statement, “Money Loves Speed.”

Ironically, that statement is probably three times more appropriate today because, as we know, the pace of the world keeps accelerating. Now, if there’s one constant in marketing, it is “Change.” And one of those changes over the past decade has been the slow erosion of Facebook and Google advertising.

Now, look, I’m not one of those people saying that they are dead. I’m not pontificating to that point of view. Still, without doubt, we can see the cut-through you used to get with Facebook, Facebook advertising, Google AdWords, or search engine optimisation, isn’t getting anywhere near the same amount of results that it used to.

Nevertheless, there still are many thriving Google and Facebook campaigns out there. If it is done right, it will be a flourishing market for years to come.

Overall, we know the entire niche is still growing, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t harder to try and sell on either Facebook or Google than it was ten years ago. So, I repeat, NO, Google and Facebook are not dead, nor will they die anytime soon.

If done correctly, it’s still one of my favourite models. In fact, right here and now, I’ve got three campaigns running. Two are going unbelievably well, but one which normally used to go okay, is struggling. I have to tackle it differently. There are always outliers. There are always niches. There are always results that grow and thrive. And specific key metrics really drive this.

But without doubt, the most important metric of all Google, Facebook or marketing full stop is engagement. Do people stop? Do people notice? And then do people feel compelled to do what you offer them.

As marketers, it’s our job to spot trends. Our job is to recognise the impact, identify the shifts, and plan accordingly. For savvy marketers, this is the time more than ever before to consider looking into cut-through.

Understanding how to achieve cut-through is crucial. Let me be very clear on that. The best thing is about cut-through. It isn’t as difficult as you might think, and you definitely don’t need an ad agency, and you don’t need a genius to help you achieve it. In fact, to achieve cut-through. You just need two things. Number one, a plan and number two, to be your authentic self.

Now when it comes to a plan. Well, it just so happens. I’ve got an excellent strategy for you. I’ve seen that cut-through is so essential for you! I’ve gone to the trouble of producing a 10-module video and audio training course that you can carry around with you on your mobile phone if you want to. It’s a training course that’s full of simple modules that are step by step. I’ve got that covered for you. And I’ll tell you more about that in a little while.

But number two is to be your authentic self, just be passionate. Blow your audience away with what you want to do and then use that narrative, use that story, and energy in your marketing.

My cut through USP product that I’m talking about that will show you just how to do it. So, if you want to access that product, go to my website, PeterGianoli.com/USP. Check it out! I guarantee it will produce cut-through and will let you resonate with your prospects. If you decide to take it on, I guarantee it will make a difference to your business.


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