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The Ultimate Insult

The secret to living life to its potential is to value the important stuff above your own comfort. Think about what you truly want to achieve. What legacy do you want to create? What do you want for yourself and for your family? What level of security do you seek? What level of income do you want from your career? What interests do you wish you could pursue? All of the answers to these questions will ultimately result in what you do with the time you have been allotted. It is this allotment that forms the basis of the Ultimate Insult.

Ask yourself how many times in a day, a week or month did you say, “I didn’t have time.”

We all do it.  It’s a common default phrase we are all guilty of.

The truth is, however, our inability to get things done or commit to things has nothing to do with time. In fact – time is NOT your problem.

What are you prioritizing?  How are you using your time? Is it on the right things?

Stop blaming time, it’s not “times” fault.

Whenever you tell somebody you didn’t have time – what you are really telling them is that you didn’t make it a priority. I chose to put it lower on my to do list and that is the truth.

So therefore if you tell somebody you didn’t have time you may as well give them the hard truth that you didn’t care enough about them or their issue to put it higher up on your to do list. You didn’t care enough to put it higher than whatever it was you chose to do instead.

Own your priorities it has nothing to do with time.


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