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The Key to Being Unstoppable in Sales

How to change peoples lives by being great at what you do.

Selling has gotten a bad wrap.

Selling the task and the profession is sadly misunderstood. Most people believe that sales is about the effort one exerts in persuading and convincing a third party to do something. Unfortunately even some so called “sales gurus” perpetuate this myth.

Consequently selling has had an image as an unsavoury task where you need to sell your soul and compromise your moral values just to put food onto the table.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Selling is about getting to know someone, having an open conversation to ascertain what they exactly need help with and then formulating a solid recommendation based on your expertise. Great sales professionals are really thought leaders about their space. They are authoritative, trusted consultants, not aggressive bullies that will do anything for a commission.

So what should this mean for you? That so long as you are willing to talk to people and be confident in how you can help them (and honest when you can’t) you are already on your way.

It also means that selling something, doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, overwhelming or scary. It actually becomes really enjoyable.

Over the years I have been fortunate to work closely with some Unstoppable Sales Professionals. These are amongst the biggest money earners on the planet when it comes to sales and in many instances have been the difference between getting a project off the ground or it failing. From my observations these are the commonality in terms of tips with regards these A Lister’s. No guarantees but I have a hunch if you follow them you are more likely to succeed!

Three Tips for Unstoppable Sales:

1) Let go of the outcome. Your job is not to “close” anything. It’s about earning the trust of your client. Ask what you need to ask to help them and make the recommendations you’d make to your mother if she were in this person’s situation and let it go. You can’t actually force anyone to buy anything if they don’t want it.

2) Treat a prospective client like an old friend. Before you go in and try to talk to your prospect, think of them as someone you really care about.Imagine them to be your Grandma, your mother or cousin. Talk to them with the same warmth and care that you would a family member (assuming everything is cool with your family).

3) Stop trying. The more you try, the more obvious it is that you’re forcing it. It’s a very different mindset to be focused and bold rather than desperate and aggressive. You can be very strategic and even audacious. Instead of thinking you have to muscle your way into making a sale, try thinking the more relaxed you are, the better the chance you have that it is going to happen (which is the truth).


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