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How to Create a Brand That Wins

Winning Branding Boosts Your Authority,Sales, and Impact

What is a Brand?

A brand is the story that you share with the rest of the world about yourself and or your company. There are a lot of components to a winning brand that include your shop front, website (both the look , feel and content you produce), your credibility, your past successes and failures, who you collaborate with and where you’ve been seen in action online and offline.

Most people believe that a brand is simply about making things look colourful, which  is only one part of the equation. Brands are your sales presentation for why people should trust you and work with you.

Your brand is the combination of a lawyer, the supporting evidence, witnesses and sworn testimony for why you are worth paying attention to. Just like in a court of law where folk are innocent till proven guilty your clients are uninterested in your brand until you convince them otherwise. It is important to note that brands are dynamic entities; they are constantly evolving. Once you establish your story, the goal is to share it with as many of the right people as possible. This allows you to grow your audience.

Three Ideas to Develop Your Brand

1) Your brand is your sales material. It is what people believe to be true about you in your absence, this is pretty powerful if you really consider this. The reality is that you won’t be around every time someone speaks your name or for all of your sales conversations. So who is going to do the talking for you in your absence?

2) It needs legs to walk. You need to have real world experience behind you! Brands are functional only when you have people that believe in you, otherwise they are simply stories on a shelf that nobody is reading. Your brand includes your reputation, your credibility, your previous work and your vision for the world. When all these components are in alignment, you have a powerful sales engine that allows the flexibility to succeed. Without legs it’s as powerful as a $100 note in storage.

3) Begin zeroing in on your brand today by sharing your ideas with the world. A key factor of your brand is your unique vision for the world. By publicly sharing your opinions, you begin to build legs for your ideas.

Here are a few examples of ways that brands are used to create sales:

An ebook and a seminar program launched a start up Real Estate Investment company from inception to $60 million of sales in under 12 months.

Perth based singer and stylist builds a strong online presence with over 20000 followers opening up numerous JV opportunities.

Upcoming business speaker found it easier to get international bookings because of his extensive blogging and appearances in various digital outlets.

Blogger turned speaker lands a major gig due to a creative PR kit with some professional photography.


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