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How to get more traffic to your site?

Get more traffic to your site

It is now possible for each of us to own our own media companies.

Our radio station is our Podcast, our TV station is our You Tube Channel, our Blog is our Newspaper, Face book and Instagram our magazines and our Tweets serve as billboards to direct eyes, ears and hearts to our outlets. We each have an ability to speak up, to tell our stories, and if we are good and if we are lucky, to be heard.

Unfortunately most folk give up or don’t start spreading their message because for a long time it feels like nobody is listening. You may be pumping material through your social outlets, but noise alone isn’t of value. You’re talking, but you’re not saying anything, at least nothing that’s being heard.

You are your own media programmer so you have to choose your story. If the story you’ve chosen doesn’t get through, it’s up to you to fix it. Pick a story that reflects your art, but more importantly a story that resonates with the receiver.

It’s your choice a ratings disaster like Celebrity Splash or a winner like¬†Game of Thrones.

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