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Sales Coaching Advice – Selling To Conflicting Personalities

As salespeople, one of the best pieces of sales coaching advice is to learn how to deal with demanding customers. There always seems to be a fresh batch. Some clients are abrasive and challenging while some are frustratingly indecisive. Facing each kind of individual can exhaust our patience and even our positivity.

How then, can we handle the personality conflicts that we face when dealing with clients? The key lies in understanding why each personality type behaves the way they do. This article serves to act as sales coaching advice in handling the four most common personality types.

Personality Type 1: Direct

This individual is very direct in their approach to people. They prefer to be in control of every situation they find themselves in and tend to be very forceful regarding their ideas. Dealing with this personality type can prove to be intimidating, as their aggressive attitude can manifest itself in finger pointing and frequent interruptions.

Keep in mind that this personality type is very results-oriented and sees ‘beating around the bush’ a waste of precious time. So, if you do not want to be cut short in your sales presentation, be just as direct as they are and go straight to the benefits that they will get out of the product or service you are offering.

Earn their respect by holding your ground even if they try to confront you. Moreover, towards the end of your conversation, do not be afraid to ask directly for their businesses. They will appreciate how straight-to-the-point you are.

Personality 2: Talkative

This individual is the direct opposite of the direct personality type. Whereas they are results-oriented and direct, this personality type is very egocentric and talkative. Characteristically, individuals who fall under this category are often late for appointments and prefer talking a lot about themselves.

While it is frustrating to hear their thoughts, resist the temptation of cutting them short in the middle of their statements. Let them talk their hearts out until they no longer have anything left to talk about. Keep in mind that with this personality type, you need to invest more time in social conversation, as relationships are vital to them.

Tell them why the product or service you have to offer can help them build their reputation and status. Appeal to their ego.

When you make the point to hear them out, you encourage them to accord you with the same respect and listen to what you have to say. Moreover, since they value relationships, you will be sure that they will appreciate your listening ear and will like you more. Hopefully, their positive reaction will translate into a sale.

Personality Type 3: Steady

This individual is not as easy to read as the first two personality types are. They are soft-spoken and mainly focused on their team rather than on personal results. Customers who fall under this category are often reluctant to make an entrepreneurial decision without opting to think things through.

You should understand that individuals who belong to this group are unwilling to make changes because to them, structure and security are important. For them, decisions should not be made rashly, which means that you will have to present your product with as little risk as possible. You need to show them how your product or service will be of benefit to their team.

Personality Type 4: Analytical

The last personality type that we will consider today is the analytical type. This individual is considering every detail and specification relevant to the product or service that you are offering. For this person detailed product information will not be complete without written guarantees and proper documentation to back up your statements.

Of all the personality types, analytical minds are the hardest to engage in open conversations as they do not consider emotions when making a decision.

So how do you deal with analytical minds? Make sure to report to your appointment well-prepared. Also, make sure to have e-mailed in advance all the resources that you will be presenting to the individual days ahead. And since you want to make a good impression, ensure that your e-mails and other materials are free of errors.

Once you understand how each of the four personality types mentioned above operate, you will know exactly how to tailor your approach. Moreover, this will help you generate more sales.

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