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Sales Prospecting Information Kit – Infographic & Video

Here is a sales prospecting information kit (Infographic and Video), that if followed will set you on the path to sales success. Whatever you track will improve. So this sales prospecting system outlines a method of earning daily points based upon your prospecting activity. By committing to earn 20 points daily as outlined in this sales prospecting information kit you will increase the important activities that will result in sales.

[youtube id=”mZcM1Zc0mjc” mode=”normal”]

Earning points gives you a target that lets you “earn” a reward.

You can use this sales prospecting information kit to modify the prospecting system to fit your needs, but don’t quit until you get your 20 points.

As a bonus idea, find a way to reward yourself when you accomplish your goal.

Keep in mind that you’ll always feel good if you do the right activity.

To complete your sales prospecting information kit download the infographic of the system by CLICKING HERE.

If you would like to download a copy of the video to view later or share with your team of this CLICK HERE



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