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Psychological Secret # 3: Specificity

99 % pure. Who is that? That’s right- Lindt 99% Pure Cocoa Chocolate. What if they said 100% pure­ doesn’t sound as specific and believable, does it?

As you know people are downright skeptical of any advertising or promotion they see. By including specifics you greatly increase your believability. Specifics hold much more weight with your prospect.

Many times, marketing gurus use specifics like this headline and subhead…

* * *

“27 Year-Old Perth Man Reveals His Proven System For Creating Instant Internet  Profits From a Simple 2 Page Web Site…Even If You Hate Computers”

“The Amazing Story of How a Completely Different Approach to Internet Marketing Took Me From Zero to Making $51,351.94 in Just 6 1/12 Short Months, Working From Home – And Why I’m Convinced Nearly Anyone Can Copy What I’m Doing ”

* * *

Let’s look at the specifics here:

  1.  I’m 27 years old
  2.  Perth man
  3.  2-page web site
  4.  Zero to $51.351.94 (not $50,000)
  5.  6 1/2 months

Wow! 5 specifics in the headline and subhead.

When making a statement or stating a fact – make it specific. It takes a little more digging or research but it’s well worth it.

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