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Motivational Speaker – How to set a fire under yourself!

5 Reasons Event Coordinators Love Booking Peter Gianoli as a motivational speaker

If you are looking for a motivational speaker guaranteed to have your audience wanting more…. then here are 5 reasons to consider Peter.

1. Dynamic Motivational Speaker

Your audience will Laugh, Learn and Be Inspired!

2. A Life Changing Message

Peter mixes enthusiasm and humor with motivation stories to deliver a very high content message that will surely “Empower Your Audience to Achieve Extraordinary Results”

3. Experienced Motivational Speaker ( Makes Your Job Easier)

Peter has delivered more than 500 motivational presentations to events worldwide. He has experience in working from an all singing all dancing stage for large auditoriums through to an intimate presentation in a boardroom. Irrespective of the venue Peter knows how to deliver the goods and engage your audience as a motivational speaker like no other. (Ps. Peter does not sing and dance. At least not on stage!)

4. Successful Business Person

With an extraordinary track record and understanding of Business and in particular Sales and Marketing, Peter can talk with authority about what is required to succeed in today’s market place.

5. Author and Radio Broadcaster

As the author of 4 top selling books along with countless magazine articles Peter knows what it takes to get his message across. What is more with 2 regular radio shows running concurrently Peter is constantly testing the reaction of his listeners to the messages he broadcasts and in doing so ensures his material is relevant, pertinent and thought provoking.

Pyromania – How to set a fire under yourself!  is one of Peter’s most popular presentations that he is booked for as a motivational speaker. You can get all the details about this presentation and many others by visiting this link.

To download a PDF handout of Peter’s Presentation Topics please CLICK HERE! 

To book Peter for your event contact Darlene at [email protected]





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