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Marketing Seminar Speaker – The 5 Minute Marketing Plan

Peter Gianoli – Marketing Seminar Speaker

As a Marketing Seminar Speaker one of the most popular questions I am asked is “How to write a simple yet effective marketing plan?” My solution is this tried and tested response.

The 5 Minute Marketing Plan

How to write an effective Marketing Plan in just 5 minutes? I have never seen anybody need any more time to complete this highly beneficial exercise. The essence to doing this is to keep the plan restricted to 7 highly targeted sentences.

The first sentence states the purpose of your marketing.

What physical act do you want people to take once they’ve seen your marketing?
Do you want them to call a toll free number or click to a website?
Do you want them to look for your product the next time they’re at the store?
What physical act do you want them to take?

That’s all that is required in the first sentence.

The second sentence states the competitive advantage of your product or service. Every offering has benefits, but yours have some benefits that your clients or competitors do not offer. What is required is to stress that competitive advantage, not eight competitive advantages, although you may have eight, just one.

The third sentence– also short and simple – is your target audience. Realize that you may have more than one target audience. That’s a good thing, but for this exercise let’s just sticks to one.

The fourth sentence – which is the long sentence – describes the marketing weapons that you’ll use. In my various Marketing presentations, I outline over 200 different weapons of marketing. Of the 200, more than half of them are free. So put your thinking cap on and list the weapons you intend to use in this fourth sentence.

The fifth sentence outlines your niche in the market place. What do you stand for? When people hear your name, what’s the first thing that enters their mind? You say Volvo, they think safety. You say Mercedes, they think luxury you say Porsche, they think excitement. What’s the first thing that enters a person’s mind when they hear your name? What you stand for needs to come shining through loud and clear in all of your marketing.

The sixth sentence describes your identity, the personality of your company. People like to deal with companies that have personalities, not your image. The image is a lie. It’s defined in the dictionary as a facade. So your identity is your sixth sentence.

The seventh sentence is very simple. It enunciates your marketing budget, which to keep it simple should be expressed as a percentage of your projected gross sales. In 2015, the average business in Australia, America and Europe invested 4% of their gross revenues in marketing. However, don’t forget the other statistic that the average start up business goes out of business within five years.

Even though you don’t really have to know what the average business does, it’s a good benchmark to have. If you address these seven points, you can write a very simple marketing plan. Once you write that, pretty much everything starts falling into place as to what you’ve got to do to make it come true for you.

To download your own PDF of this 5 Minute Marketing Plan please CLICK HERE

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