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Mindset And Success – How You Control Both

Mindset and success two words often used in the same sentence. This article explains why they work with each other and are often talked about together.

How many times have you heard business experts emphasize the crucial role that our mindset plays in determining the extent of our success? 

Suffice it to say that you are already well-acquainted with the word mindset. One dictionary defines ‘mindset’ as the set of beliefs that affect an individual’s attitude. In other words, these beliefs influence how one behaves and perceives the world around us. Interestingly, if we consider the two words that make up this compound word, we get more than just a set of beliefs that affect our behavior. The word ‘mind’ refers to our seat of consciousness that generates thought and memory while the word ‘set’ refers to focusing on a certain task to achieve a goal.

If we take the two definitions as one, we can, expand our definition of the word ‘mindset’ into a set of beliefs which influence us towards a goal. Now, you can see why having the right mindset is crucial for you!

Without the right mindset to train our perception, we cannot reach our goals, especially in a highly competitive environment like sports, sales, or business. We are not born with a fixed mindset. What we think of depends on how we choose to think. After all, life is a matter of choice. The choice to be positive or negative depends, not on the circumstance, but on us.

Let’s consider how great the impact of mindset is.

Recall when you have woken up on the wrong side of the bed and you say, “I’m so tired, this is going to be a long day”? How do you think you will you act after that statement has been made? Good chance you will not feel very active.

However, on the other hand, what if you woke up and told yourself, “This is going to be a great day. I’m so excited to get going”? Obviously, you are going to experience high energy levels at least for the start of that day. A classic example of mindset and success, what does this simple example tell us about ourselves?

It shows that our thoughts can impact our conscious actions a lot. This is the phenomenon which individuals in the field of cognitive behavioral science study. In this study, they have concluded that what we tell ourselves—our inner conversations, plays a huge role in determining our attitude, state, and behavior.

The more we label ourselves as something, the more we embed that type of reality in our minds. That is why they say, “We become the things that we think of.” For instance; if you always tell yourself that you are lousy with directions. After repeating that statement to yourself, your brain learns to accept that as a fact.

Consequently, you end up believing the statement as a fact, restricting your brain from further developing and finding a way over that barrier.

Thankfully, we can change the way we set our minds. We can do something to re-align what we tell ourselves and the goals we have in our life. True, this is not an easy task, and you might sometimes find yourself relapsing into negative thoughts. If that happens to you, do not lose hope. Tell yourself that you are getting better at becoming optimistic every day.

You can use whatever tactic may work for you so that you can concentrate on better thoughts throughout the day. Whatever strategy you are using, the bottom line is this:

Think positive. Use your imagination to visualize your success. Condition your mind for it.This is especially important for us in sales where at times staying optimistic can be a struggle. Learn from the way experts deal with their inner voices. Instead of allowing those voices to bog them down, they make sure that they push them to the success they are envisioning.

So, learn to organize your thoughts. Set your mind on your goals. Believe that you can achieve what your mind has perceived, and you will see just how much the power of your thoughts can tip the scales in your favor. The old adage of mindset and success can help you too.

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