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The Greatest Time Thief I Know

Last week I had a one on one catch up with one of my A Team Sales Staff. True to form his honesty was refreshing as he explained to me how the day before his best intentions of calling his prospect list went awry whilst working from home. This got me thinking how many hours had I inadvertently waisted from working on meaningful activities by following this greatest time thief of all – The Rabbit Hole!!??

Here is my sales person’s story does it sound familiar to you?

“Before getting onto my calls, I thought I would take the rubbish out in time for collection day. After doing so I noticed we had run out of bin liners so I went online to see whether I could order some as I knew going to Bunnings would prove too much of a trap. During my bin liner search I realised that I didn’t know the size of our bin so I had to get the measuring tape to get the bin size.”

He went down a rabbit hole.

“Whilst looking for the measuring tape my wife grabbed me to show me that the high chair we had recently purchased was making a squeaking noise. I thought no problem, I’ll just spray some WD 40 onto it and make it stop. 45 minutes later, after taking the entire chair apart, getting black grease all over my hands, and making a complete mess the chair was still squeaking.”

Down another rabbit hole.

As the world becomes more complex, there are more pieces to every puzzle, more things to go wrong, and more rabbit holes to get lost inside of, trying to fix one problem that leads to another one and to another one. By rabbit hole I am referring to getting “sucked in” to a distraction that keeps us away from doing the most productive thing that we should be doing instead.

Imagine if you could develop a will power winning routine to eliminate rabbit holes from your life? Any ideas?

Why not share them as a comment below!


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