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How to Develop a Client Avatar

Developing a client avatar is a way to guarantee that your marketing will be effective and will set you apart from your competitors.

The better you understand what your potential clients are thinking, feeling and desiring the more effective your marketing messages will be. A great understanding of your client avatar will allow you to quickly build a relationship with them so that they will ultimately know, like and trust you (or your business). This is because by taking the time to know them, they will be attracted to you and your messaging as it resonates magnetically.

Fortunately doing the necessary research to understand your client avatar need not be expensive and this video will walk you through how to do it.

Google, Facebook and YouTube are all great places to start as long as you know what to look for.

If you would like a worksheet to help you develop a comprehensive avatar for your potential client or customer CLICK HERE

Developing your client avatar will be so useful to your marketing and business in so many ways and therefore it is an investment in time that will repay many times over.

With a developed client avatar you will use the information when:

  1. developing a lead magnet
  2. in the language of you follow up emails
  3. in the headlines of your product offerings
  4. in framing some of the product offerings and service offerings you are actually providing to your market place.

Recently, I refreshed the client avatar of another focus of my business – the new business start up. In doing the research I realised that many of these prospects are stuck in overwhelm and have no idea how to get their marketing started or onto a sustainable level – they were in overwhelm… this led me to offering a done for you “Business In A Box” program, unsurprisingly this service has been warmly received by the market place. (The research paid off!)


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