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The first blow – make it your best!

If you have my attention…

Blow my mind.

The biggest compliment you can get in this modern world is attention. Everybody is overwhelmed with incoming. When you presume we have time to waste on you, you are wrong. We are not sitting around bored, we don’t have the time to do all that we want, but we always seem to find room for excellence. So when you finally get our attention, you’ve got to deliver. As for a second chance? You’re dreaming… get it right the first time.

Don’t ask for someone’s time until you are ready.

Don’t just get your name in a newspaper and expect this ensures long term success. You have to build yourself “sotto voce”, to figure out what works, you need to become so good you are undeniable.

First and foremost you must gain our trust. You are truly no better than the rest, you are human, relate as such. Then you have to believe in yourself, not just by practising positive affirmations but by becoming really good at what you do. If it is art, then practice and practice your craft, if it is selling, then really get to know the benefits of your product for me and if it is singing, practice your scales till you are numb in the lips.

Are you good enough?

You have our attention now blow our socks off!


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