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How To Evaluate A Sales Team

How to evaluate a Sales Team

Sales is far more than quotas. The best run, most successful sales teams operate from a well-documented, well-defined sales strategy.
Meeting your goals demands a solid sales strategy and plan.

You would never get into a car without knowing where you were going!

Yet sales organisations make this mistake all too often by not having their own up to date map.

To be sure if your sales team has that never-fail strategy, you need to evaluate a sales team.

Over the years I have worked with all types and sizes of sales teams and have worked collaboratively to produce this DIY Sales Team Evaluation Tool.

This tool in the form of a questionnaire will evaluate: your products, the industry, your market, quota, customers, pricing, and more. It will also help you evaluate your plan, one that ensures you meet your goals.

You need to have a killer plan, and more importantly, never get into your car without knowing where you are going, that’s just silly.

Evaluate a Sales Team Strategy Snapshot;

  • Goal Setting (KPI Development)
  • Revenue
  • Margin
  • Growth
  • Key Customer Profiles
  • Go To Market Strategies
  • Market Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Key Initiatives
  • Key Tactics

To download a Free copy of this tool to evaluate a sales team CLICK HERE.


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