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4 Ways To Keep Your Customers Happy

To keep customers happy need not be an onerous task.

If there is one thing that customers often complain about, it is customer service; either they found the company’s service unsatisfactory or its promises unmet. The frustration with poor customer service is understandable. In fact, it hardly comes as a surprise, as many businesses and or salespeople routinely make promises that they know they cannot deliver.

Poor customer service does not only translate to unsatisfied customers. It also results in tarnishing a company’s reputation, which in turn makes it tough to gain referrals. Not surprisingly unhappy customers will be reluctant to recommend your products and services to their friends, on the contrary, they will find every reason to discourage others from doing business with you.

Given the extensive damage that poor customer service can inflict on your sales and the company in general, what can you, do to prevent this from happening?

One thing successful sales professionals do is to steer clear from making unrealistic promises. Remember, no one likes unmet expectations.

You can prevent this and thus keep customers happy and eager to give you referrals by;

  1. Never under-deliver

If you promise your client that you will deliver something, then ensure you do so. There should be no excuses. Do not make the mistake of delivering less than what you have made your customer expect. Remember that you want to build a good relationship with your customer, so always keep your promises.

  1. Do not overpromise

Many salespeople make the mistake of promising too much. While some of them may have good intentions most of them ultimately find themselves breaking them. Especially, do not assure your customers of something that you know you would have difficulty delivering to simply make a sale.

  1. Give yourself an allowance for time delays

Instead of giving your client the shortest turn-around possible, be wise enough to build in allowances for delays in delivery. You should already know when you can complete a certain job, but allow buffer time. For instance; a particular job should require ten days for completion. Resist the urge to promise your customer ten days, instead make it 15 days to allow for any delay.

When you add in buffer time, and you turn up with your delivery earlier than schedule, you end up looking like a hero. Your customers will most likely continue to patronise your products and services and recommend you to other potential clients.

  1. Be realistic with your timeframe

Salespeople meet all sorts of clients in the field, and among these clients are those who have an I-want-it-done-yesterday mentality. These clients expect you to get things done in a ridiculously short timeframe, and it would not do you any good to bow to their demands.

Instead of committing to a schedule that you know you could not meet, tactfully help your client to understand why you need a longer timeframe than the one that he or she has in mind. Emphasize that a longer timeframe will allow you to deliver the best quality; that should be enough to convince them.

The bottom line for all these tips is this: Keep your customers happy. Remember that a happy customer will cost you less in the long run. So make it a rule to stick to your schedules. Keep your promises. Deliver on time. Your customers will reward you with referrals, and that will lead to more sales.

So keep your customers happy and they will keep you satisfied with more sales..


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