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What Dolly Parton Taught Me About Marketing!

Do you know who Dolly Parton is? Are you in business? Do you want to stay in business?

Then you had better listen to this podcast!

Podcast Transcript

Hello Peter Gianoli, here and let me tell you a little story about the last time I went to The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas.

Well, I bet that captured your attention. Well, it’s true. Recently. I had an unbelievable marketing coaching experience that I felt I had to share with you.  Lately. I’ve started doing some business coaching for a select group of clients. I work on where they are today where they’d like to be and then we map out a how they’re going to move from where they are today to where they’d like to be in the future.

Well this week, I was starting session one with a 29-year-old new client. We were playing getting-to-know-you games. We were walking from my office down to the coffee shop. Looking to make small talk I noticed this young lady sitting in a premise and I looked at her and she looked like none other than the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas – Dolly Parton. I said to my client “mate check out that girl over there” she looks like Dolly Parton.

Well, guess what? This 29-year-old looked at me with the blankest stare I’ve ever seen and said, “I’m sorry who’s Dolly Parton?”

I was gob smacked. But before I could even react to that this guy my client picked up his phone and looked at his phone and said “Siri, who’s Dolly Parton?”

Okay, that’s the lesson. I was staggered. There are two lessons here. Number one was the power of voice this client without any hesitation picked up his mobile phone and said Siri, who’s Dolly Parton? And of course, Siri gave him the answer. Imagine if this client picked up his phone and said Siri who shall I get as a marketing strategist?

Well, the likely one that Siri’s going to give to this guy would either be the best brand running around, or the person who’s paid the highest amount of advertising dollars to Siri or Alexa or Google home or whatever, It happens to be. So that their opportunity is going to be put straight in front of the person asking yes voice activation.

It’s not all that prevalent right here and now but I think it’s going to come, and I think it’s going to come with a rush and when it does it’s going to alter search in particular search engine marketing and dare. I say it search engine optimisation unbelievably.

So, unless you want to pay big money. And try to be at the top all the time and competing against the absolute big boys, you’re really going to have to establish a brand. A brand like Dolly Parton, so that when I say mate, there’s Dolly Parton. He goes Siri who’s Dolly Parton? And it didn’t matter who paid for ad’s it didn’t matter whether it was Miley Cyrus. It wouldn’t matter if they paid because he asked for the brand name, which was Dolly Parton.

Now, let’s talk about point two and that is the brand of Dolly. I was flabbergasted that he a 29 year old had no idea who Dolly Parton was and since I’ve told this story to numerous other people, they didn’t know who Dolly Parton was either. So even though she had one of the biggest brands going around even though she had Hollywood movies like The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, even though she is Fairy Godmother. She calls herself to Miley Cyrus and recorded a Duo not that long ago. The brand is being forgotten by certain Generations or dare I say her brand isn’t even resonating with people from certain generations.

So it’s important to all of us to keep our brand current, keep our brand refreshed and obviously not rest on our laurels and given I have a client who’s 29 years of age, and in fact, I have many clients of around that age group. It really got me thinking is my generation gap, that large that I have to start reviewing what I do.

I must start looking at my Facebook ads to make sure that the language I’m using, the examples. I’m using are indeed current not only to the people of my generation but of course to the people I also want to do business with. In fact, the people I can help probably help the most are the younger generation. So, I must look at my ads. I must look at my lead magnets. I must make sure that my lead magnets are attractive and current and of currency to the younger demographic. I must look at my videos, are my videos educative enough. are my videos helpful enough are my videos considering people who may not get my older sense of humour?

I have to consider these podcasts as well. I have to make sure that my examples are current to all generations of people that I want to do business with.

And this message is the same for you. You have to look at your likely buyer not only today but where and how into the future and if it is a younger demographic then you need to observe them and of course rub shoulders with them to find out what’s still current and what’s not current with them anymore.

Well, I haven’t been to the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Probably never get there, but Dolly thanks to you, you taught me a valuable marketing lesson.

That’s marketing 24/7 the podcast I’m Peter Gianoli. Bye for now talk soon. That was marketing 24/7. If you’d like to know more about implementing this for your business, then go to my website Petergianoli.com.


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