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How to Generate Traffic to Your Message

Would you like access to a secret nest of the best buyers on the Internet? What’s more they are all sitting there, plugged in every single day. Find out more listen to my latest podcast.

Podcast Transcript

You have started your facebook advertising campaign or your Google adwords campaign, but you are still waiting for traffic or waiting for the campaign to bite – you need traffic coming to you – What should you do? Well this is what I do in fact what I am doing right now?

For me, what I am doing right now is going old school.

It all comes down to the dream 100.

We have already covered this concept a few times in fact go back to Episode 7 I know it’s there the concept of the dream 100?

Dream 100 in this context is, who are the hundred people that already have your dream clients?

Who are those people?

Then how do I get in front of their audiences for free?

Generally, there two ways to get in front of the dream 100.

Number 1 is you buy your way in, and number 2, is you work your way in.

And the best way to do this today is with podcasts.

Podcasting is the channel I would choose initially.

The reason why is podcast listeners are the best buyers. These are my dream audience. They are the reason why I run my own podcast. The reason why I go on other people’s podcasts, podcast listeners are the best buyers by far.

I read a study and I’m going to script the numbers, but it was the average human who listens to the radio makes $30,000 a year, and the average human who listened to podcasts makes over $100,000 a year. Just by the fact that they have the podcast app on their phone and they are listening to content, makes them a better buyer.

They make more money on average and they’re into development, there into learning anyway. They’re your dream customers.

So focus on your podcast channel and think about it like launching a movie.

Like the Joker which is being launched at the moment.

Watch what they are doing!

Watch the rollout. They have identified their dream 100 – for them it is TV talk shows, So it’s like, “who are all the shows?” And then obviously the movie studios is buying ads, they are on Facebook, they are on youtube, they are on TV, they are buying Joker ads all about the place.

And – Then they send all of their attractive characters Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Marc Maron etc etc out to go and work their way in. They are on US giants like Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, The Today show, Good Morning America and even down to our own Australian shows like Sunrise. They are out there doing the circuit, getting the free traffic creating the buzz. They’re doing the free stuff while the studio is doing the paid ads.

So in your case – while you’re training your paid ads to work, you should do exactly the same thing at your scale and going out there and working your way in, getting into the circuit.

For me I go to the iTunes directory but you can choose any podcast directory, Look through the top 100 in every category. Of all these different podcasts who are the people that already have my dream customers listening to their podcast. For me it’s business owners or people looking to build a business or people who have an artistic talent and are trying to build a following.

So I at business, personal development as the main categories – you might be quite different but there are categories out there for you to research. You can look at different categories. Because again, podcast listeners are all in, if they’re listening to podcasts, they’re into personal development, which means they’re into all sorts stuff. Go and make your dream 100 lists of the top 100 podcasts you want to get on.

Then my job, your job, my goal, your goal is to get on all of these podcasts.

Now, what’s going to happen is while you’re on these podcasts is a couple of things.

Number one, is free traffic, you’re not paying to be on these podcasts, you’re getting on to be interviewed, so number one, it’s not costing you money.

Number two it is something you can be doing every single day so it’s continuing momentum as opposed to buying an ad.

This is something active you can be doing for your mission to move forward. If you’re going to have a chance as you’re on these podcasts to be interviewed, start listening to what the phrases are that people ask?

What are the questions they’re asking?

What are people responding to that resonates?

What are they not responding to?

When you have this platform, it’s fascinating how quickly you find out, what are the things that hit?

What are the things that don’t hit?

Even if you’re just one on one, in an interview with somebody, by you just sharing your message over and over again, you start finding and refining your message, “Oh wow, that’s the thing that the host, liked and her ears perked up” or I felt as I was delivering that the energy of that statement or that phrase that got people excited.

You start learning these things really quickly. If you go out and you do a podcast, five podcasts, 10 podcasts, 30 podcasts, 50 podcasts, by doing that, you will learn your what so much better.

You probably know by now that I talk about cold traffic, warm traffic and hot traffic.

Hot traffic is your own list in particular your buyers. From a business building point of view these folk are the best, then we start moving down the ladder.

Next best buyers after your own traffic are podcasts listeners, they may not be your hot traffic, but they are definitely more than warm. They’re listening to somebody talk about something every single day or at least a few times a week. Plugging into their ears, podcast listeners are amazing because they’re listening during the most intimate times of our lives. Whilst on the treadmill whilst driving. You have different access to somebody’s mind in a podcast than any other format.

It is by far, I believe the best delivery mechanism is a podcast.

The hot traffic is your own customers. Next is podcast traffic and then it goes down to whatever. Like Facebook ads are warm to cold. Because you’re targeting based of interests. Like, “oh I know they’re interested in Gary Vee and business, and now because of my targeting, they’re going to see my ad.” But these are just warn people. They don’t necessarily know who I am, they don’t have an intimate connection with Gary Vee specifically. Maybe all they did was liked his page and so because of that they’re now seeing my ad, whereas with podcasts, the listeners, you know that they subscribe, they listen, they plug in for 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes an hour at a time to listen to the content.

And you know that just by the fact that they are listening to podcasts, the average podcast listener makes over $100,000 a year.

So you know, they actually have money and you have a format where you don’t have five seconds of the ad to try and capture their attention, you have longer like 5, 10 15, 30, 60 minutes to build a relationship with that audience before you offer them the call to action to go to your free plus shipping or your book offer or your Seminar/Webinar – Free Trial or things like that.

So I encourage you, “while waiting for your ads to work, you should be hitting the circuits just like you were launching a movie, Get on your equivalent of Jimmy Fallon, Today Show whatever.

For you the equivalent of that is the podcast circuits.

So it’s going to iTunes, going to any podcast directory, going through the top 100 top 200 top 300 of all these different channels.

You don’t have to get on top 10 list of the podcast. Right now, my podcast gets anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 downloads per episode. I’m not in the top 250, I have enough listens to, but for some reason iTunes are giving me the cold shoulder for now. I don’t know why they used to love me. I was in the top 100 list with my last podcast and that wasn’t anywhere near as good as this one But my podcasts still gets a great amount of downloads.

So even if you get onto a podcast, that’s like 250 or 500 or maybe something listed. It does not matter. It just matters that you’re getting out there.

You’re going to find your voice, you’re going to find your message and find the hooks, the angles, this is your time to learn and present and be able to figure out what it is you’re selling, how to sell all of the intricacies of your message and this will all be learned on this podcast circuit. Then like I have said, even if you’re on smaller podcasts, they may have 500 people or so, some of these 500 people are their best buyers, their best listeners, the people that are connected.

If I was starting over from scratch, that’s what I would do.

First steps 60 podcasts interviews. Then 200 interviews on podcasts, then live radio and then TV even before any paid ads.

You need to be running as fast as you can. Every one of you guys. What you need to be doing right now is going into the podcast directories, building your dream 100 and contact them

But please don’t just mass email “Hey everyone put me onto your podcast.” That will not work…

Instead listen to each of their podcasts and put in the time and the effort.

I listen to a ton of podcasts because I want to make sure that when I get on the show with the podcast host I don’t look like an idiot. I am able to say, “Hey, I listen to your podcast its awesome. My favourite episode, was when you interviewed so and so. That was super cool.” Hey, by the way, I’ve got a really cool message. If you want, Id love to be on the podcast, I could talk about this, this and this. Those are the ones where people return your calls.

There you go. Podcast’s it is . It’s like the secret nest of the best buyers on the Internet who are all sitting there, plugged in listening to stuff every single day. And remember the best thing about podcast hosts (just like me), is that almost everyone of them are craving content. Content that will be of value to their listeners and help to build their influence – why don’t you solve their need and become one of them.



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