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Give Your Content Amplification By Joint Venturing With Gorillas

Content Amplification – A Must Do

With nearly 3 million blog posts published daily, lots of influencers are competing to get their content seen. As a matter of fact, by 2020 there will be five times more content on the Internet than there is today. Getting your content seen isn’t going to get any easier.

The problem lies with the over-saturation of content. The Internet is flooded with content. Chances are that any topic you can dream up, has probably already been written ten times over. And with search engines only displaying 10 organic search positions per query, getting your content seen can be difficult, especially since 94% of web searchers click on page one results only.

The reality is that if you want to get your content seen and become a Million Dollar Influencer, you’re going to have to spend some time (and money) promoting it. Content amplification is a skill that all Million Dollar Influencers are proficient. Currently, for every .85 cents that marketers spend on content creation, they are only spending .15 cents to amplify that content. In comparison, for every $1 spent on television advertising, $5 is spent on promotion. Influencers should be spending just as much time and money promoting their online content as they do in creating it.

There’s a misconception among many that if you build it, they will come. The reality is that there is more content on the Internet than is needed to answer questions. You need to ensure that your content stands out if you expect any type of engagement or success. Besides, what’s the point of creating great content if no one is going to see it?

Creating the content is only half of your content marketing strategy. Once you create it, you need to amplify it if you expect anyone to actually see your message. Otherwise, your content will simply get lost in the mix.

Million Dollar Influencers amplify their content by learning to work with and benefit from what I like to refer to “the Gorillas”. Large social media platforms “the Gorillas” have succeeded in building up substantial user bases. Facebook boasts 1.65 billion monthly active users(MAUs). Twitter announced in Q1 2016 that it had 310 million MAUs, while Instagram is expected to have around 250 million MAUs. These wide user bases present an attractive value proposition to advertisers.

However, “the Gorillas” are now competing with each other for users’ limited attention, and the prime differentiator in this contest is the quality of the content that they offer.

As a result, social media platforms (“the Gorillas”) are very receptive to high quality content creators (“Million Dollar Influencers”) so much so, that they are even beginning to pay content creators — through revenue share schemes and by facilitating branded content opportunities — in order to get the best content on their platforms.

This is particularly relevant with video content as in many ways, this trend of large digital media companies paying for video content – mirrors the transactions that have conventionally occurred between cable / satellite operators and TV show producers like HBO.

We are increasingly seeing the line between these traditional media business models — and the business models employed by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube — blur as these new tech giants carve out their positions as the distributors of online video content.

Since each social media platform “the Gorillas” draws a different audience, the people seeking your content have different perspectives and objectives. A Million Dollar Influencer thinks of all the people they could reach and caters content accordingly for each of the social media giants.

In coming posts I will outline a strategy for each of these “Gorillas” and outline the best way to work with them.

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