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The Value of Face-To-Face Marketing

The need for face-to-face (f2f) interaction has never been more important. The popularity of communicating virtually — using email, instant messaging, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the like, has had a significant impact on the speed at which information can be obtained. But, virtual communication has also led some marketers to ignore the role face-to-face (F2F) communications can […]

Psychological Secret # 6: Curiosity Killed the Cat but Made the Marketer Rich

Curiosity isn’t just for cats or cartoon monkeys. In fact, it may be one of the most powerful marketing forces that exists in the world today. Thanks to a combination of our natural human urges and what constitutes a “breaking story” in today’s media environment – curiosity has been taking on a whole new significance. […]

Psychological Secret # 5: Answering Objections Before They Surface

A lot of sales and marketing people think if they don’t bring up an objection, a prospect won’t be thinking it. WRONG!! As you’re making your case for your product or service – if there is a common objection about it – you’d better bring it up and resolve it because they’re thinking it anyway. A […]

Psychological Secret # 3: Specificity

99 % pure. Who is that? That’s right- Lindt 99% Pure Cocoa Chocolate. What if they said 100% pure­ doesn’t sound as specific and believable, does it? As you know people are downright skeptical of any advertising or promotion they see. By including specifics you greatly increase your believability. Specifics hold much more weight with […]

Psychological Trigger #2: Reason Why

Don’t forget this trigger comes as part of a set of powerful psychological influences that are explained in my eBook Product minus Sales equals Junk.

Psychological Trigger #1: Tell Great Stories

There are 7 powerful psychological triggers which can make you uber persuasive. In this post I will cover Trigger number 1. If you can’t wait and would like to jump ahead and get the whole set of powerful psychological influences, then you should proceed to my eBook Product minus Sales equals Junk.