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Marketing Lessons from the House of Gucci

“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten,” a saying embossed in gold letters on pigskin plaques and displayed strategically around Gucci stores. Just one of the key lessons the House of Gucci has to offer any entrepreneur looking to market to the wealthy and the top-end -of-town. Recently I went to see the movie […]

When It Pays To Not Listen To Your Customer

Rather than listen to your customers – watch your customers.  In particular track where they spend money with you, because often people say one thing and vote with their credit card in a completely different way. This podcast shines a light on this major marketing stumbling block.     Transcript Your Opinion does Not Matter […]

How to Make Sponsorship Work

Whether you have been talked into it by your kids, or the marketing team have twisted your arm to say yes; agreeing to sponsor something is a common occurrence in business.

How to Build a Mailing List Full of Action Takers

Developing a solid and responsive database is one of the best marketing assets you can develop for your business. It is the secret no matter what “the economy is doing” for you to have some control over how many customers you have in your pipeline. To assist my clients in developing a solid list building […]

The Escape Arrival Strategy

People Move Away From Pain and Toward Gain Learn how to use this powerful psychological tendency that we all possess to set up your marketing messages for success. This video walks you through some examples on how to get the message effective every time and describes how to use the worksheet you can download. You […]

The Value of Face-To-Face Marketing

The need for face-to-face (f2f) interaction has never been more important. The popularity of communicating virtually — using email, instant messaging, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the like, has had a significant impact on the speed at which information can be obtained. But, virtual communication has also led some marketers to ignore the role face-to-face (F2F) communications can […]

10 Low Cost Ways to Market Your Business

In this week’s podcast I go through the 4 key things I do when I take on a new marketing client. I believe you too, should do these 4 things in your business. Especially if you are looking for more clients, quick wins and some instant cash flow. These are the same 4 things that […]

6 Tips On Writing Great Emails

Writing great emails is an art form that can be worth a fortune to your business. The “art” is in knowing how to frame communication emails so that they provide your readers with value and are not simply focused on the results you want or need. Whilst this may seem counter intuitive  this is the definitive […]

How To Get Your Email Read

There is very little point developing a sales funnel or an online marketing campaign if you do not have an effective strategy to get your email read. Developing a prospect list and then a relationship via crafted emails and the provision of quality resources and information is the corner stone of just about any businesses […]