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Why Be in Sales and Not Want to Help People?

Since yesterday’s blog Mobile Shopping “mopping”  I have received bundles of emails from sales folk asking me to stop encouraging such all encompassing point of sale marketing because it will give the power to the buyer and make it even harder for sales people. I also received a comment from a former colleague of mine commending the proposal and in particular the Real Estate sign that would offer via a Qr Code a video or pdf download directly to a customers mobile device with all the pertinent information. In her words ” Its so frustrating to find a for sale sign and then have to type all the information into your phone or even search for it on a website where it doesn’t even exist… Let alone wait for someone from the agency to call you back.”

Bingo, this sales folk is why it wouldn’t really matter whether you had the power or customers had the power because most of you don’t seem to want to help people anyway.

Surely providing customers with valuable, timely and tailored information about your offerings will help rather than destroy the chance of making a sale.! In my opinion sales people fixated on who has the power are still trying to sell from a Win / Lose platform whilst in my dealings Win / Win has always been more successful.

In fact only 20% of sales people in any sales team are high performers. What is more these 20% of high performing sales professionals don’t seem to ever be wanting for customers. They have referral business constantly in the wings seeking their help and guidance. What is even more pertinent the high performing sales professional is freelygiving of information and assistance because they know by arming your customers with information to make a decision they are more likely to say that magic word…. “yes”!!


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