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Customer Service Training – Quick Tips

Customer Service Training – 10 Reasons Why Awesome Customer Service Is All That Matters

Any customer service training program worth it’s salt, will emphasize that  the single most important focus of your business is to deliver an amazing experience for your client.

That’s it. There is nothing else more important than making sure every memory of you by your customer is one of delight.

Now, that is certainly not easy to do.

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Make no mistake- treating your customer in a way that creates delight is one of the hardest, most emotionally intensive talents that you will need to master in order to position your business for exponential growth.

It is in an investment that requires you to be “all in”. There is no “playing it safe”.

Which means that sometimes you get hurt. You are going to invest in a relationship that turns out to be one sided. You are going to find out that they don’t care about you like you care about them.

If you are doing your job right, that is going to happen.

What makes delivering customer service even more of a challenge are the confusing and misguided ideas we get from business experts on the subject.

If you listen to the experts you hear that:

1. You should only invest your best care in your best customers.
2. You can’t please everyone. Some people will never be happy.
3. It isn’t profitable to provide awesome customer service to everyone.
4. Better customer service doesn’t really make a difference in the long run. It’s all about

The experts would have you believe that business growth is all about a better business plan, focusing on profit, and more effective sales and marketing tactics.

But the experts are wrong.

The harsh reality is that customer experience is all that matters. Not what you do or what you
say or what your corporate policy recommends. It is all about how the customer feels.

That’s it. How the customer feels.

It is not what you do. It is how they feel.

Which is important to understand when redefining the idea of creating memorable client experiences.

Successful companies already understand this.

Many of the companies that I have worked with in putting together their customer service training programs know that providing an awesome customer service experience is often the difference between making it big or simply surviving.

Get the picture?

Thriving, powerful, growing companies focus on the client experience. They do whatever it takes to drive a memorable customer experience. They do it on purpose. They make that experience the driving mission of their company

Here is what these companies know that the experts haven’t figured out:

1. Better customer service is cheaper than more advertising.
2. Training your people to be awesome is easier than teaching managers how to put out fires.
3. Angry customers make it impossible for your employees to stay focused.
4. It’s cool when you don’t have to bribe your customers and they still brag about you.
5. You get the benefit of the doubt more easily when you’ve already been awesome a few
6. Empowered employees are cheaper to keep around. And less crabby.
7. Buyers want to do business with companies who are serious about “getting it right”.
8. Spending more money on providing better service doesn’t “cost” you more.
9. Sometimes the best customer service is a smile, not a discount.
10. People will pay more to do business with people who make them feel good.

When you look at it like that, it’s clear. Being awesome is the only thing that matters.
It’s the single fastest way to grow your business.
Awesome customer service should be your only mission.

Whether you realize it now (and do something about it) or wait until things crash down around you, it’s clear that nothing impacts your long term success like how people feel about you. It’s not just about the money you make when customers come back. It’s not even about how you change people’s lives for the better. It’s about you allowing your dream to turn into reality.

By giving more, you create more. More opportunities for amazing growth.

So when are you going to focus on your customer service training? Why not download my Customer Service Workbook to get started CLICK HERE


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