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You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression

When a person goes for a job interview or when they are introduced to someone for the first time, the impression that is known as “first impression” is critical in determining how things will go.

In fact, research says that the first 40 seconds is what can make or break a job interview.

And this: In a jury trial, the first impression of the defendant is 40% as important as all further impressions put together.

“First impression is a lasting impression” – Oscar Wilde.

We have all heard it said that if you give off a positive first impression, then people will see you in a better light and your life would be made easier for having done so.

And this: when a person falls in love, they may say that it is love at first sight.

So let’s look into this thing called “first impression” and see if we can find out why it lasts. Just how does one make a good first impression? What is the magic in making a good (or bad) first impression? And what is all of this got to do with marketing and your business.

Well this, you either hook or lose a prospect with your marketing piece, not when they read it, but when they first look at it.

Now, of course this rule is not 100% accurate. Sometimes a person will read your piece, see it again sometime later and be hooked. Sometimes they hook themselves by reading through.

But most of the time that is not what happens. Most of the time when they get your email, or if they are sitting in front of someone pitching them with all their might, its this first impression that sets the tone for everything.

So, what does this mean when it comes to creating marketing? Since you only get one first impression, then ensure that your marketing piece has a powerful message in it and this will usually be the case when all emphasis is on the hook.

The good news for marketers is that most people tend to miss detail when they are looking at something for the first time. They tend to see “the forest” rather than “the trees”.

This is why you will read a piece once, and if you like the “forest” you will decide whether you will read it again. Then as you reread it and get more out of it you are now seeing “trees” instead of “forest”.

So, if this is true, then how can marketers use this? Again, your first impression must be powerful enough to keep the person hooked. So that when they consider it again, then there is a good chance that you will have another opportunity to hook them when they read it or hear it for a second time.

Just remember this: “First impressions last”.

And don’t forget this: If you fail to leave a powerful impression on someone at first meeting, the best ad copy in the world will not help you.

Have you ever watched professional poker players, constantly looking at their opponents eyes when they draw a card? What they are looking for is a specific micro-expression that can indicate whether the player has just drawn something good or if they have just drawn something bad.

This is because the eyes, like all other parts of the body, do not lie and will give away any secret or “tell” like behaviour before it happens. Poker players try to pick up on this nonverbal behaviour and try to make use of it themselves.

Well, I have a theory about all of this. What I believe is that most (or many) of our decisions about how we like or dislike something are not made in 40 seconds, or the first 4 or 40 minutes but rather in the first fraction of a second that we see something new.

And, I further believe that we unconsciously spend the rest of our so-called decision making time not really making a decision after all, but instead searching for justification for the decision we have already made.

And, that’s why it is so difficult to get people to see your product, service or idea from a fresh perspective.

The mind remembers things that are associated with strong emotions – it will forever remember the “first time”. Think about the intensity of emotion you experience when you first fall in love. And then think about how powerful that can be 10 years down the road.

I think that if you can get your prospect to get an instant lift out of your marketing, you’ll be several steps ahead of the game.

Remember: The mind remembers things that are associated with strong emotions – it will forever remember the “first time”. Get a lift or get lost!

This is why I say: “Every Marketing Piece Has to be fresh, has to be unique and has to have a Hook In It”

Until next time..


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