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What Else Can You Sell?

When I talk about creating an offer versus just selling a product, people tell me, “But I only have one thing to sell.” That’s because they’re not trying hard enough.

There’s a hidden business inside every business.

A coffee shop sells coffee. But it can also sell the cool, vintage-looking coffee bags after they’re used. They can sell coffee machines. They could offer barista courses. Use their kitchen after hours for Uber eats. They could display art for sale on their walls and charge a small commission. I am sure you get the idea.

Every business should consider what else they can sell.

At the beginning of my business, I was invested in 6 different markets. I was so keen on those markets that I was testing all the time. Split testing was my middle name.

Specialising in the markets I had tested I started offering custom solutions which became my hidden business within the business.

Clients flocked to us to see our custom solutions and were keen to buy them.

What by-product can you sell as a result of doing your primary business?

What are the things that you’re already doing that create other incidental-by-products?

It could be an information product like a course or a book or a membership program. (Things I now offer)

It could be something that would normally be “waste.” Similar to

TV sitcom and spin-off shows (Better call Saul) what side businesses can you pop up from your primary business?

Have you watched Breaking Bad? (A TV series)

It was so popular and at the end of this series, they have sufficiently developed all of the characters that resulted in creating other shows.

That is how they do it in TV land. What can you do with your business?

These add-ons can become part of your offer.

Trust me, no one ever became rich by selling only one product. You have to look for by-products and add on products.

The quicker you do that the better your business will be.


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