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Why You Need to be the Centre of Your Universe!

Let me give you a number…


82, now why is this so important?

Its the average life expectancy of the Australian male. The female number is a little larger, but never the less we all have an end number, what you do from now until then is up to you.

Listen to this podcast for some timely advice.

Podcast Transcript

Let me give you a number 82.

This number, does anybody know what it is?

Average life expectancy of the Australian male. Female number I believe is a little larger. We could have a long conversation about my theory about why that is but that’s really, really, really long.

However, that’s the average life expectancy of the Australian male 82.

When I discovered this, I was nearly 50 – 48 or thereabouts, I had 34 left. That’s a sobering thought for you.

How many you got left? I now have just under 27. Now 31% of that’s going to go to sleeping. There’s nothing you can do about that. In fact, a further 8% is used up trying to get to sleep: and being in our own business that can sometimes cause issues in this department. Another 10% of the time is going to go to paying taxes, paying bills and miscellaneous accounting. Nothing you can do about it. You got some forms you got to sign. 10% is going to go to what I call unavoidable time suck. You’re going to do everything right and your still going to wait for two hours at the airport. It’s unavoidable. All up that leaves me with 14.9 years. That’s all I got. I don’t know what your number is but that’s mine.

Here’s the big question – how much of that time, whatever your number is, do you want to spend dealing with people who annoy you, aggravate you, irritate you?

How much of that time do you want to spend not having it your way?

Recently, I had a friend who said,

“You act like you think the whole world should revolve around you.”

And I said,

“And your point?”

I got 14.9 left.

Yeah, that’s exactly how I act.

I stopped several years ago; I was on the hustings pleasing people all the time. So I said,

“I don’t want to cross swords with people anymore.”

Just radically changed my business. I want enjoy the people I work with, I want to laugh and live my life. I want to share wins and losses with a sense of humour. I want to be surrounded by people who squeeze the juices out of living. That’s my desire.

So I have arranged my business for those purposes.

Do you think you can’t?

Yes you can if you put these strategies in place.

In fact, I’m working on a shortcut for you, I am developing a resource you should all have and in the New Year I will start telling you all about it – but in the interim

The other thing I wanted to tell you very quickly about this finite number and its impact – is that it is not just about making money.

And also making a lot of money is not that big of a trick.

For someone who’s not making a lot of money that sounds silly and arrogant but if you are making a lot of money you know it to be true.

Once you’re doing it you realize it’s not that big of a trick.

Making a great deal of money though in a way that is satisfying to you, pleasing to you, that has you in control, that doesn’t have you selling your soul now or later, that’s a much bigger trick.

There’s a principle I am going to be teaching that I currently have in my system called autonomy. Autonomy is about doing business, doing what you want, when you want to do it, where you want to do it, and most importantly with who you want to do it meaning not accepting anybody, any client, any customer who comes down the track.

Most business people complain about their customers and their clients, by the way,

and when they do I say, “You got him or you got her. There’s no law you had to take Johnny rotten on as a client.”

You put certain things in motion that attracted these customers.

They didn’t materialize by accident.

You have nothing to complain about if you’re not willing to fire them and replace them with something better.

So with whom you want at the price you want at the terms you want.

That’s autonomy.

You’re able to do business entirely on your terms.

When you have the trigger factors, the strategies that I talk about here in this podcast or in my APP and on my website many of which are free, when you have your system and mind set all in place you get to do business this way.

I don’t care what business you’re in.

If you’re a pet groomer, a consultant. You can be a real estate agent. You can make them stand in line they’re going to do business with you the way you want to do business.

You can exercise control like you cannot imagine.

Let me give you one quick example; in my consulting business ever since I introduced the no “but head” policy – where if after I feel I have given a client or a potential client a well founded strategy and they ignore my advice or start wanting to quibble over my fee – it’s easy I just say we aren’t suited to each other and we part amicably – and every time, every time without fail they almost immediately get replaced with a much better, more responsive and fabulous client, somebody I welcome the friendship with.

In fact, this very thing happened this week.

One of the biggest things I have learnt in my business and I have been imparting onto my clients is not to be afraid to push industry norms out of the way and run a business like I want to.

To suit me.

Many people believe this can’t be done and trust me, that’s good news for the rest of us.


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