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Using Your Vitality in Marketing

In this episode of Marketing 24-7 Podcast, We will talk about using vitality in marketing as an authentic yet powerful way to achieve maximum impact.


“The epiphany bridge” is one of the powerful concepts that you can master on your journey to becoming an expert in marketing. Here is my story…

“It was way back in my fitness days. I started a fact sheet for my clients named Exercise Danger. It was about not hurting yourself while you are exercising. It was so timely because at the time, Jane Fonda was making a fortune producing aerobics videos for the home.

In following her videos, many people were hurting themselves instead of getting fit and my Exercise Danger fact sheet which became a book that I self-published was garnering a lot of attention.

In fact, it gave me numerous opportunities. I was in demand with newspapers, radio stations, magazines and TV. I even had a 6-week insert in a national magazine called “The Woman’s Weekly”. My mother was so proud of me 😊.

The best thing about all of this, was my little local fitness business was booming! I had more clients than I could accommodate. All because I was considered an expert in the field. I had become the authority. I was the person to trust to get people fit without getting hurt in the process. That was my first “epiphany bridge” my “Aha moment”. Positioning yourself or your business as an authority is the best way to market. Do it properly and you become unstoppable in business. It was this epiphany that led me to realise that one day I will age. I wouldn’t always be that strapping fitness guy. And if I could teach people or help them to position themselves or their business in the authority position I might be onto something!”

Did you enjoy that story? Well…

What I just did there is tell you my back story. My real-life story. And in telling you that story I told it to you with passion. It is all about using your vitality when you are marketing. In my case, my marketing is when I share my back story, epiphany and my aha moments. Have you ever tried sharing your glorious moments with a friend? Did you get the reaction you wanted? After telling them your story, are they like is that it? It wasn’t as glorious for them as it was for you. The reason this happens depends on how you tell your story. Use your vitality. Share what you felt at that moment with passion. Make sure there is “You” the real YOU in it. The vitality of a moment makes it incredible. Back when I was doing my radio training, my coach a BBC broadcaster taught me to get into the right state instantly. Working on radio, you can’t sound lame or not in the moment. People will not continue listening. Your job is to keep the listener engaged. To do that, you have to activate your vitality and get it across the airwaves with emotion.

It is no different when you are selling, marketing or telling stories about something in your business. Use your vitality in marketing. Remember, people buy with emotions and then they justify it with logic.


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