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Sales Prospecting System

If you have been looking for a sales prospecting system that guarantees results then please read on as I think I have found one. The bottom line is that a large majority of salespeople struggle to get in front of enough prospects to keep their sales pipeline full. Thus, they feel desperate, have a difficult time dealing with rejection, and often avoid asking the tough questions to find out if they should be spending their time with someone.

This leads to a long selling cycle, inefficient time management, and ultimately, failure.


Prospecting is a tough business, prospecting is often labelled the drudgery of selling.

Most salespeople have not developed an effective activity based prospecting system and even worse, fail to stick to the system that they have.


Here’s a great sales prospecting system! Every day, put yourself on a 20-point activity system like this one:

1 point for a telephone contact with a decision maker who can tell you “no!”

1 point for a “customer service” call on an existing client.

2 points for forcing a decision to a “no.”

2 points for setting an appointment.

3 points for getting a referral.

4 points for a face-to-face meeting.

5 points for a sale.

Whatever you track will improve. So by committing to earn points via this sales prospecting system you will increase activities that will result in sales.

Earning points gives you a target that lets you “earn” a reward.

You can modify this sales prospecting system to fit your situation if you want, but don’t quit until you get your 20 points. Find a way to reward yourself when you accomplish your goal.

Keep in mind that you’ll always feel good if you do the right activity.

To hear this sales prospecting system explained please listen to Monday Sales Coach by CLICKING HERE

Or to watch a quick explanatory video of the sales prospecting system CLICK HERE


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