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Progress Not Perfection – After Dinner Speaker Topic

As an after dinner speaker, it is my role to provide the audience with pearls of advice that will make a difference in their lives.

I have made it my mission to research and interview hundreds of the most effective people in business, sport and the arts. Whilst the road to their success has been different, a common element has been that they have gotten things done.

Too many of us seek to have all the information before we attempt things. Sure, this is wise counsel if you are planning to invest your life’s savings. Yet most of the things that we have to get done requires activity rather than any more analysis and research.

Just knowing what to do next, often sorts out the successful from the unsuccessful. Sometimes taking the next step to gather momentum is what leads to success.

It wont happen overnight (nothing does) but by encouraging yourself to take the next step is what high performers do.

Hence my after dinner speaker quote “Progress requires taking the next step!”

I know this is a simple piece of advice, but often the simpler the better. Successful people always leave a meeting knowing what they are going to do next.

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