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How to Create a Razor Sharp USP

What do I mean by a unique selling proposition (USP)?

It is what sets you apart from your competitors. What’s your point of difference? What do you have to do to have your clients easily talk about you and recommend you to others? And how can you best describe your business, service, or your offering so that it resonates best with potential clients? 

Now, what do I mean by a five-minute USP? 

It’s as simple as this,  

My name is __________1________, I love _______2________ but was

fed up with _______3________. So, I created ______4________ that


So, you understand, to answer the 1 to 5 in your five minute USP:

1 and 2 is about you and your service or offer,

3 is about your customer’s pain.

4 is your unique solution.

And 5 is the benefit that occurs as a consequence.

Put that all together, And that’s the perfect five minute USP.

Obviously, the better you understand the challenges that your customers are having, what they want to escape from, the benefits that your customers want, where they want to arrive, what your client’s desires, fears, what they’re for, and what they are against. The better you understand all of those things, the better the answer to your five minute USP.

You must have a USP.

Even if it’s only a five minute one, it’s one that will make a difference for your business, and the better you do it, the better your clients and prospects will get to know, like, and trust you.

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