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A Razor Sharp USP in Action

Having a USP is one thing, using it effectively is another. In the podcast episode above I take you through some of the genius of radio creative Garry Dean from NOVA 93.7 in his use of the USP for the WA’s Big Butcher launch ads.

Podcast Transcript

Big Butcher (Grand Opening)

*MV has a big, deep voice

Sfx: Large butcher’s knife being sharpened

MV: Big Butcher here …

No prizes for guessing how I got my nickname.

Yes I’m big. Yes, I’m a butcher!

For me, it’s all about the CUT.

Premium cuts of meat … at cut prices … because I cut out the middle man …

… and bring ‘Margaret River Fresh’ meat direct from the paddock to your plate.

Sfx: Butchers knife slams down on heavy duty chopping board

MV: Come to my GRAND OPENING on October 10th!

39 King Edward Road Osborne Park.


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